Mysteries & Legends Paranormal Investigations

About MYsteries & Legends Paranormal

Hello all who are interested, in need of help or just plain curious! Here at M&L Paranormal we are dedicated in seeking out the unexplained and mysterious things that "go bump in the night." (though it really doesn't have to be at night).

We want to help you learn and understand those sometimes unexplained occurrences. As we perform our investigations we will first look for sources that can explain what we discover, whether it be sight, sounds or feelings. We use a realistic approach at solving these mysteries and hope to help you find peace in these situations. In our experiences most things CAN be explained. However, there are some instances where things just simply cannot be explained. 

We record all of our investigations and take as many pictures as we can to help better understand those rare occurrences. We have many methods used while investigating and would love to teach you more and help you investigate. If you need help or would like an investigation please don't hesitate to contact us and give us the chance to help you! We will never charge to investigate your home or place of business.

We also investigate claims of UFO Activity and Urban Legends as well.

Our Mission Statement

To help people understand the sometimes unexplainable and unknown.